Best arduino connectivity solution?


I’ve got two arduino devices that I want to send data to one another. Whats the simplest hardware solution to enable this? I love cheap, and easy would be a bonus. The usage im envisioning would be pretty low bandwidth, so I think 3g or edge would likely suffice.


Hey, awesome question! We would like to learn a bit more about your project. How close together are your two Arduinos? If they are close enough, it might be worthwhile to explore local networking using BLE, WiFi, or LoRa. For example, this would be great for the use case of two devices in a garden communicating with each other.

If they are too far away for direct radio communication, then you will want to explore either cellular, LoRaWAN, or SigFox with the decision resting on message size, coverage in your area, and potentially other factors which we would be happy to help you sort through. Cellular is a great option if you need higher-bandwidth and if you want the option to work in almost any location in the world! A nice cellular option is the Wio LTE from Seeed which includes an arduino compatible board, multiple grove ports for sensors, and a cellular modem with SIM slot for your Soracom Air SIM.

Excited for your response so we can get you the best answer possible!


Im trying to create “IOZ”, the Internet Of Zen.

Im currently designing tabletop zen rock gardens that will have a robotic arm that a user can control to create patterns in the sand. Users would also have the ability to save the patterns that they create. Once a pattern is saved, that pattern would then be automatically sent to all the other connected gardens, which would then begin tracing the pattern that the other person created.

So the distance between the arduinos could be several hundred miles away. The first two gardens will likely be installed and San Jose and Orange County. The bandwidth required should be minimal, just a bunchy of XY coordinates from one machine to the other maybe once a day at most.

Are there any connectivity options that are less expensive than the Wio device? Im mostly 3d printing everything and using old arduinos, so a $90 board almost triples the expense of each garden.


This is awesome!

Would you use cellular or Wifi?

For WiFi, you could go with an Adafruit huzzah:

Or their feather:

Cellular is going to cost you more. For example the Fona or a Particle Electron:

I do like the IoZ idea! Would you use Gcode to plot the path of the rake?

You could also scale the garden size up and down as long as the dimensions of the gardens and rakes are proportional.