The High Five Glove [Making It Real]


The high-five is a universal gesture of positivity that is recognized around the world. My vision is to create a glove that accurately measures a high-five and can then donate funds based on the high-fives given. For example, $100 in donations are unlocked when 150 high-fives are given that day.

The How (work in progress)


  • Strategically placed embedded pressure sensor onto the palm side.
  • On the back side an MKR GSM 1400 Arduino.

Open Questions
How do I need a case for the Arduino?
I’ve only done this project on a breadboard, how do I make this a mobile project that isn’t hooked up to my computer?

Cloud Side

  • Force sensed will activate an event to occur (GSM module sends data to Soracom).
  • Soracom sends that data to a cloud service.
  • Find an open API donation platform that can be linked with events.

Open questions

How can I link the data from the Soracom cloud to AWS?
Is there an open API donation platform that can work for this?

Any and all advice, not just open questions, are super welcomed.



One way you could optimize space is by removing the pins on either side of your MKR GSM 1400. It will make it a lot thinner and so will allow you to better integrate it into your overall project

That’ll pretty much be a salvaged MKR board but overall should make you life easier


Making progress! Using a more portable PCB board as opposed to a breadboard.
Using silicone wires instead of jumper cables.
Used Male and Female Pin Headers to connect the Arduino to the PCB board.
Heavily reinforced the pins near my glove. However, I’m thinking I want to make my own force sensor and not rely on the out of the box FRS I’m currently using.

Much more to be done, but progress being made!